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Customer Testimonials

This is the place for magic hands! Robert is amazing, cannot thank enough.
L Davies

Fabulous Clinic! Wouldn’t go anywhere else! Claire is amazing and has done wonders with my back and neck following pregnancy.
K Jones

Amazing treatment…..worked on my back over a short period of time, I can actually move now……. Highly recommend.
A Martin

My first ever experience with a Chiropractor. I wished I had this treatment sooner as my neck and back feel so much better already. Highly recommend. Thank you so much Laura.
L Hopkins

Keith was amazing with my son. Definitely go again. Fabulous service from all staff. Definitely recommend
C Jones

Would definitely recommend. Was in terrible pain with my back and neck. But much better since I’ve been seeing Rob. Very friendly and down to earth staff. Lovely relaxing environment. Thanks Rob!
L-A Rice

“After three years of studying I finally reached my final year of university and what seemed like a life-long time of writing essay after essay and exam after exam. The experience was quite stressful and after some time I found myself waking up in the middle of the night with an achy, stiff back and neck, in the morning I would be in agony and most of the time found it very uncomfortable to run and even sometimes walk. After getting very frustrated as I was unable to go on my daily run my father suggested I see a chiropractor and took me along to Claire who he had been highly recommended to go to.

After a brief observation Claire instantly discovered that the back pains I was experiencing was due to my very poor posture and due to a tensing and hunching of the back whilst I was sat down. This she told me was due to stress. Claire informed me that after a maximum of 5 sessions I would feel the benefit and would be able to return to my running, I am happy to say that I did not complete the 5 sessions as I was back running after three and felt like my back had been cured. The sessions with Claire were brilliant, I was very anxious at first, but I loved going along to Claire and each time I walked out feeling very at ease and relaxed.”

Samantha James, Cardiff

“I’ve been a client of Claire’s now for about 4 years since suffering almost daily headaches and migraines. Claire identified and corrected back and neck problems which have helped to ease these headaches. Being a driving instructor I sit most of the day in a car, Claire recommended a lumbar support which helps to correct bad posture. Claire takes pride in her work and provides a high standard of patient care. I feel more comfortable talking to Claire than to my own doctor.”
P. Sewell

‘This is a true story of how Claire Rees (Roderick), the chiropractor, saved my daughter from severe pain, a reliance on codeine and enabled her to go back to university. Claire was extremely good, sympathetic, analytic and generally great. Even after the first treatment my daughter felt better. We’ve been back lots of times as my daughter’s condition was chronic. She’s pretty much cured now and is off back to her studies. Yay. Some people are cured with one visit.

Totally couldn’t recommend Claire more highly. If you don’t know what chiropractors do – essentially they put your body back in the position it’s supposed to be without all the cricks and misalignments that you have acquired in your long life and struggle against gravity. In my daughter’s case she was born with the condition but Claire has eased the pain associated with it.’

Cecilia M. from Pentyrch, Cardiff

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