Is it half marathon time? Are you training for a 5k a 10k or more ambitious? It may be a virtual run at the moment due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, but the same rules apply! Check out our top tips for runners to keep your feet and legs healthy and injury free.

Top tips.

  • Footwear: Make sure you invest in good quality footwear. Get properly fitted for your footwear if possible, making sure you have a deep toe box to allow enough wiggle room to prevent blisters and damaged toenails. If you cannot wiggle your toes inside your running shoes, they are too shallow – do not buy them.
  • Footwear should have a mileage associated with them, once they’ve run over that mileage, they may not be functioning to their best in supporting the biomechanics of your foot, and should be replaced. If you are starting to train, don’t pull out your old gardening trainers and start adding mileage to them.
  • Wear specific trainers for specific purposes, have different pairs geared for running / gym / other activity. They will wear differently for different activities.
  • Book in with your Podiatrist. Let the expert give your feet and legs the all over health check to make sure you don’t have any underlying problems that could rear their ugly head once you start to train.
  • Get yourself into good habits. Take care of your feet, making sure you always have clean, dry socks. Talc your feet to limit undue moisture, and do mobility work with your feet and ankles to optimise your foot biomechanics.
  • Invest in some running socks. These tend to be slightly longer and have less tendency to slip into your shoe on running. They also have some padding to the sole that adds comfort as you increase your mileage.
  • After a long run, soak your feet in some Epsom Salts. Give them some love!